Partner with Bitebell

At Bitebell, we’re building a connected ecosystem of different food-tech providers. Integrations are a core part of our platform, and we are actively working on onboarding new POS systems, food delivery platforms, online ordering providers and other food-tech solutions.

Become a partner

API Integration

Together, we can help restaurants handle deliveries in a smarter, automated way. Bitebell APIs have been developed to meet the needs of:

  1. POS Solutions, looking to connect with third party ordering platforms
  2. Food delivery platforms, looking to simplify menu management
  3. Online-ordering providers, looking to automate POS entry
  4. Last mile delivery services, looking to acquire B2B customers
  5. Development teams building custom ordering experiences


Growing Ecosystem

Bitebell connects with leading food-tech providers, and we’re super excited to onboard each new partner to our growing ecosystem.