Menu Management System

Publish your menus to all delivery platforms.

The easiest way to create, publish and update your menus across multiple brands and delivery platforms, in seconds. Start growing your revenue with our powerful menu management tools.


Forget multiple logins and manual updates, meet centralised menu management

Management of online delivery menus doesn’t have to be repetitive and time-consuming. Bitebell’s Menu Manager puts you back in control and enables your business to grow.

Streamlined Control

Tired of logging to multiple dashboards just to change the daily special? Forget repetitive tasks and regain control of your time with Bitebell’s Centralised Menu Management.

Run Experiments

Stay on top of the delivery game by finding the best fit with ever-changing tastes and spending habits. Confidently run promotions and experiments, in just one click.

Real-Time Updates

Say goodbye to manual inventory updates and lost revenue caused by out-of-stock items. Bitebell keeps you menus in sync with the available inventory, in real time.


Secret sauce of food delivery success.

Up-to-date and well structured menus are considered to be secret ingredients of success in the delivery game. We provide you with the right tools to make your menus stand out.


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