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Fulfil orders with Tookan

Enhance your last-mile by using Tookan's driver management app. Bitebell enables businesses to get their direct and marketplace orders delivered faster, with flexible rules to orchestrate the selection of solutions like Tookan, with no coding required.

Last Mile Logistics


This integration enables you to easily add Tookan's driver management solution to your last-mile delivery mix. Bitebell enables you to effortlessly plug-and-play your own fleet using Tookan to the delivery mix, making sure that your orders reach customers as fast as possible.

Optimise your last mile with Vaš Potrčko

Activate Tookan integration in Bitebell


Define rules for sending deliveries to Tookan


Drivers receive orders on Tookan and get them delivered!

Last-Mile Integrations

Helping you solve the Last-Mile Puzzle

Discover how Bitebell's Delivery Orchestration can help you scale your business

Own Delivery Fleet

Running your own fleet? Define workflows to prioritise the assignment of orders to in-house teams based on the rules you set.

On-Demand Delivery

Tap all on-demand delivery networks from one place, with no coding needed and without integrating each network separately.

Hybrid Delivery

Configure orchestration rules combining your in-house fleets with on-demand delivery networks, maximising delivery efficiency.