Delievery Orchestration System

Find the right delivery partner, in seconds.

Manage the last-mile delivery, without compromising the end-customer experience. Bitebell’s Delivery Orchestration helps you find the most time or cost-effective delivery partner for each order.


Get instant access to a network of on-demand delivery partners.

We pair your delivery orders with the best last-mile logistics partner, ensuring a cost-effective fulfilment solution that delights your customers and bolsters your profit margins.

Increase Margins

Maximise profits by finding the most cost-efficient delivery option for fulfilment of your direct or marketplace orders – without compromising on quality and speed.

Optimize Workload

Have in-house fleet issues? Find the right balance and augment your delivery reach by assigning overflow or peak-time orders to specialised third party logistics fleets.

Full Control

Stay in control of your last-mile. Choose delivery partners that fit your needs, configure rules and set business thresholds like maximum delivery time or service costs.


Smart order assignment and fulfilment.

Scalable delivery orchestration solution built to meet time-critical order processing needs of demanding high-volume delivery floors and rapid delivery merchants.


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